Tower Crane

Tower Crane

EM630,a high-performance inverter series specially developed for Tower Crane, is widely used for tower crane hoisting, trolley hoisting,slewing and travel closed-loop. 
Default parameter settings are adjustable according to applications of F20.00 selection in the hoisting industry. 

Leading technology: 
①.Zero servo—Prevent slip 
Brake control logic - current, time to reach the control brake open, more secure 
②.Perfect swing control— The control tower crane boom frame smooth, efficient rotary, without vortex assisted braking (open loop)

1.Main Features:   

①.Closed-loop vector control and steady performance at high torque and low frequency: smooth output of rated torque 0 Hz/150%, so that a hoist performs stably during start-up, hoisting and decline. 
②.Zero servo function: offers the second type safety protection to hoist under the condition that an encoder is connected by driving motor to hold full load in the air or let it go down slowly even when the braker does not work.

③.Overspeed protection: When an encoder is connected, overspeed stop protection and overspeed operation protection are provided to timely discover abnormalities of speed and braking force during hoisting to prevent slip accident. 
④.Braker control logic: Braker control logic controls hoist to open or close at reasonable sequence, which maintains the operation safety and extends the service life of braking system. 
⑤.Wide voltage input range and automatic voltage stabilization: These functions meet torque output requirements of hoist even when voltage of power grid drops.   
⑥.Wide speed regulation range: This meets the requirements for light load at high speed and heavy load at low speed, thereby improving operating efficiency of hoist. 


2.Brake control logic-greatly reduces brake wear

3.After used EM630 inverter

4.EM630 model and some notes

Model –EM630-4R0-3B~EM630-075-3B

Capacity selection:For tower crane, overload may occur during instantaneous starting, quick acceleration and deceleration, in this case, the inverter should be 1~2 power bigger. 

Selection principle: Lifting , Rotary , Amplitude

Lifting: must be equipped with encoder and PG card, the composition of the closed-loop system



1.Attentions for Trial Operation

Turn on the Power Switch
Before turning on the power switch, please confirm the following items: 

①.Correct power voltage: 3-phase AC380V, 50 Hz 
②.Input power cables are connected to the inverter’s output terminals R, S and T.   
③.The inverter’s output terminals U, V and U are connected to the motor’s input terminal.   
④.Control circuit terminals are correctly connected to the control devices and the terminals are disconnected.   
⑤.The load motor is idle.   

Running status observation:

①.Check whether the load runs at a correct direction.   
②.At low-speed running, increase the set frequency only when the load machine stabilizes.   
③.Change the input frequency or the rotational speed and observe whether the motor has any vibration or noise.   
④.During operation, observe the parameters of the monitoring code F18.06 and confirm whether the inverter’s output current is normal.   

2.Attentions for Hoisting Application Operation 

Hoist Performance Debugging   

①.Set F20.00 as 6 and reset.   
②.Check whether the output terminal controlling the braker is 28 (braker control).   
③.Control the hoist to go up and go down so as to feel the comfort level.   
④.Adjust parameters of F20.07, F20.08, F20.10 and F20.11 to obtain higher level of comfort. These parameter regulations should be validated at a position not high above the ground, and sufficiently tested (idle and full-load) before normal use, in order to avoid safety accident. Contact manufacturer whenever necessary.   
⑤.Conduct jog up and jog down respectively with the handle and check the hoist position is accurate.   
⑥.Swith the inverter to downward running with the handle during its upward running, in order to check whether the function is normal; switch the inverter to upward running with the handle during its downward running, in order to check whether the function is normal.   

Tower Crane Hoisting Braker Check

①.Set F20.00 as 0 and reset; the defaults of all terminals have been set.   
②.Set F20.31=80 and connect the terminal Y2 to the buzzer, so as to enable the braker check prompt function.   
③.After power-on, enable the terminals AI1 and 10V (special braker check button shall be provided) to start the braker check macro under conditions that the tower crane hook is empty and the braker is closed.   
④.Suppose the braker is loosened and the inverter’s terminal Y1 has valid output, an acousto-optical alarm will be given.   
⑤.After tightening the braker, press the braker check button for checking the braker again.   
⑥.If the braker has an enough torque, the braker check job will automatically terminate within 10 seconds.   
⑦.After having been powered for a period (hours) set by F20.31, the inverter would prompt the braker check automatically; the braker prompt lamp is on; user may reset the prompt lamp (or buzzer) and conduct the braker check after completing current work.   
⑧.If F20.31 is set as 0, no prompt will be given for braker check, but tower crane driver is obliged to check the braker regularly and ensure the safety of equipment and himself/herself.   

3.Hoisting Applications for Tower Crane 

EM630 inverter has the braker check function, so as to start the braker check regularly by enabling the input terminals 10V and AI1 on the control panel when there is no load held by crane hook. The whole check works automatically and lasts for about 10 seconds.   

Note 1: It’s strongly recommended to execute the trial operation only at a position near the ground.   
Note 2. The inverter can be used normally only after it has passed the idle trial operation and the full-load trial operation.   
Note 3: Check the braker regularly to ensure the safety of the hoisting process of the tower crane! 
Note 4: Only by inputting the motor parameters could the braker check macro work correctly! 


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