EM100 Series Inverter

EM100 Series Inverter


EM100 Series Inverter 

1-phase 220V (±20%), 0.4~4.0kW 
3-phase 220V (±20%), 0.4~7.5kW 
3-phase 380V/415V (±20%), 0.75~15kW 

EM100 inverter is compact designed with high stability and user friendliness, applied to simple industrial machineries such as fan, pump, conveyor and so on. 

1.Salient features

①.V/F and VVF Control

②.Stationary/Rotational auto tuning of motor parameters

③.Detachable LED keypad with inbuilt potentiometer

④.Easy removal of cooling fan, smart control over start/stop based on heat sink temperature for low noise and longer service life

⑤.Support Modbus RS485 communication

⑥.Built-in braking IGBT for each rating

⑦.Flange mounting option in 5.5kW & above ratings

⑧.Support side by side mounting without derating

⑨.Enclosure IP20 (can be upgraded to IP40 by putting an optional metal cover without derating for dusty & humid environment)

2.Wiring diagram





  EM100-XXX-1B: 1-phase 220V (±20%), 50/60Hz (±5%)

  EM100-XXX-2B: 3-phase 220V (±20%), 50/60Hz (±5%)

  EM100-XXX-3B: 3-phase 380V (±20%), 50/60Hz (±5%)


   Max. Output  

  3-phase, from 0 to mains supply

   Rated Output   

  100% rated current non-stop output

   Max. Overload   

  150% rated current for 1 minute, 180% rated current for 10 seconds, 200% 
  rated current for 2 seconds


   Control Mode


   Speed Setting      

  Speed setting mode, analog setting, RS485 communication setting, terminal 
  numeric setting, keypad setting

   Running Mode

  Keyboard, control terminals (2-wire sequence, 3-wire sequence), RS485

   Control Range



  Digital input: 0.01Hz

  Analog input: 0.10Hz



   Speed Control     


   Acceleration /


  0.01~600.00 seconds

   V/F Features

   Rated output voltage: 5%~100% adjustable, 
   Frequency base: 20.00~320.00Hz adjustable

   Torque Boost

   Automatic torque boost, fixed torque boost curve,  customized V/F curve scaling

   Keyboard Chassis

   With the keypad chasis, the keypad can be installed on the control panel.


   Output voltage remains unchanged and input voltage is varying when AVR is 
   active. Accuracy: ±10V at rated input voltage

   Current Limit

   Automatically limit output current, avoid frequent overcurrent trip

   DC Brake

   Brake time: 0~30s

   Brake current: 150% rated current

   Signal Input   

   Digital, analog voltage, analog current, preset speed, simple PLC, Modbus 
   communication, wobble frequency, and PID. Primary frequency setting and 
   auxiliary frequency setting integrated and terminal switch



   Power Supply

  10V/10mA, 24V/50mA

  Digital Input

   Internal electrical impedance: 27KΩ

   Acceptable external input: 0~20V, the terminal is on at low level

   Maximum input frequency: 1kHz

   6 digital programmable input terminals, user can define terminal functions    
  via function code.

   Analog Input   

   1 voltage input: 0~10V, and another can be current input: 
   4~20mA or voltage input: 0~10V

   Input impedance: voltage input: 1MΩ, current input: 250Ω

   Accuracy: 0.2%


   1 programmable OC output

   Max. load capacity: 50mA/24V

   Output frequency range: 0~1kHz

   1 programmable relay output, EB-NC, EA-NO, EC-Common   port

   Contact capacity: 3A/250VAC

   Power factor: >0.4 or 1A/30VDC

   Analog Output 

   1 programmable analog output terminal,

   Output: 0~10V

   Max. load capacity: 2mA

   Accuracy: 0.1V



   5-digital seven segment display, 8 input keys, potentiometer



   Overcurrent, overvoltage, input/output phase loss, output short-circuit, 
   overheating, etc.



   Indoor, with altitude less than 1,000 meters, free from dust and corrosive gas, 
   and direct sunlight


   -10℃~+50℃. Derated from ambient +40℃~+50℃,
   20%~90%RH (no condensation)






   Wall mounting, flush mounting

  Protection Grade


  Cooling Method

   Forced air cooling

  Safety Standard


  EMC Standard



4.Model Numbering Scheme

5.Model Number List


Overall Dimensions 



D2: The distance between the entrance hole of power cable and the installation plate. 
“/” : The size is not available. 

Packing details of EM100


Optional Accessaries

Items Introduction Picture
Keypad Chassis
With the keypad chasis, the keypad can be installed on the control panel.



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