Coating machine: 
The rolled substrate, coated with specific functions glue, paint, ink, etc., after winding and drying. 
Production Process: 
Constant tension unwinding, the proportion of synchronous multi-stage coating process control, constant tension winding link . 
Production process requires constant tension substrates, constant speed, start/stop process smooth.

Application of EM303B screw air compressor 
Permanent magnet synchronous motor air compressor control scheme: 
①.The rotor magnetic field generated by permanent magnets, no-load current close to zero, the motor loss is small, more than 95% efficiency. 
②.Power density, small size, direct drive can reduce mechanical losses, wide load range to maintain high power factor (close to 1), improve power utilization efficiency. 
③.effective use of reluctance torque, fast response, permanent magnet synchronous air compressor can achieve an energy efficiency standards.

Wire drawing machine is also called a wire drawing machine, drawing machine English name for drawing machine, using a wide range of machinery and equipment in industrial applications, widely used in machinery manufacturing, metal processing, petroleum chemical, plastic, bamboo and wood products, wire and cable etc. industries. Wire drawing machine according to its use can be divided into metal wire drawing machine (for standard parts and other metal products manufacturing pre processing), plastic wire drawing machine for plastic products industry with polyester, nylon, polyethylene, polypropylene and polyester slices for special complete equipment for deep processing of raw materials to produce all kinds of hollow, solid circular wire or flat), bamboo drawing machine for bamboo and wood products industry in the production of chopsticks, toothpicks, barbecue bar out of bamboo fiber, wood fiber were the special equipment for processing).

EM630,a high-performance inverter series specially developed for Tower Crane, is widely used for tower crane hoisting, trolley hoisting,slewing and travel closed-loop. 
Default parameter settings are adjustable according to applications of F20.00 selection in the hoisting industry. 

Leading technology: 
①.Zero servo—Prevent slip 
Brake control logic - current, time to reach the control brake open, more secure 
②.Perfect swing control— The control tower crane boom frame smooth, efficient rotary, without vortex assisted braking (open loop)


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