EM500 Open loop Inverter

EM500 Open loop Inverter


EM500 Open loop Vector Control Inverter 

1-phase 220V(±20%),0.75(G)/1.5(P)~2.2(G)/3.0(P) 
3-phase 220V(±20%),0.75(G)/1.5(P)~2.2(G)/3.0(P) 
3-phase 380V/415V(±20%),0.75(G)/1.5(P)~560(G)/630(P) 

Designed by industrial master, EM500 is adopted with new software technology and hardware platform, it can be applied to most industrial applications in open loop vector control mode such as fan, water supply, air compressor, cable machineries and so on.

1.Salient features

①.  Applicable to induction motor or PMSM

②.  Keypad more easily operated, quick menu selection and more precise debugging by digital potentiometer


③.  In-built DC reactor from 11kw to 560kw


④.  Isolated heat sink design, high cooling efficiency and easy maintenance


⑤.  Automatic conformal coating on PCBA, subject to more harsh conditions

⑥.  Wide speed regulation: VVF/1:50, SVC/1:200, and
       High speed control precision: ±0.2% rated speed

⑦.  High torque control precision: ±8% rated torque(SVC)

⑧.  Loading at low frequency: 1Hz/150%(VVF), 0.25Hz/150%(SVC)

⑨.  Maximum overload current: 
     150% rated current for 1 minute(G); 
     120% rated current for 1 minute (P)
⑩.  Short circuit and overload protection for supply output (24V, 10V)
⑪.  Standard built-in braking IGBT from 0.75-18.5kW, optional built-in braking IGBT from 22-75kW
⑫.  Optional I/O extension card supports: 4 DI, 1 DO, and -10V~+10V analog input


⑬.  Standard ModBus RS485; 3 optional field bus communication cards: Profibus-DP, CANopen, DeviceNet

⑭.  Three additional macros upon request for water supply, compressor, and cable machineries


2.Wiring diagram






Items Specifications
Mains supply 1-phase 220V,0.75(G)/1.5(P)~2.2(G)/3.0(P)
  3-phase 220V,0.75(G)/1.5(P)~2.2(G)/3.0(P)
  3-phase 380V/415V(±20%), 50/60Hz±5%, voltage imbalance rate<3%
Output Voltage 3-phase, from 0 to mains supply

Rated Output Current

100% rated current non-stop output

Max. Overload


Model G: 150% rated current for 1 minute

Model P: 120% rated current for 1 minute




Control Mode V/F (VVF), SVC (sensorless vector control technology)
Input Mode Frequency (Speed) input, torque input
Running Mode Keyboard, control terminals (2-wire sequence, 3-wire sequence), RS485  (communication)

Frequency Control



Input Frequency Resolution

Digital input: 0.01Hz/0.1Hz

Analog input: 0.1% of maximum frequency

Speed Regulation Range

1:100 (V/F), 1:200 (SVC)

Speed Control


±0.2% rated synchronous speed


Deceleration Time

V/F Features Rated output voltage: 20%~100% adjustable
 Frequency base:1.00~600.00Hz/3000Hz  adjustable
Torque Boost Fixed torque boost curve, customized defined V/F curve scaling
Start Torque 150%/1Hz (VVF), 150%/0.25Hz (SVC)

Torque Control


±8% rated torque (SVC)
AVR AVR is active while output voltage remains unchanged if input voltage is  varying.


Current Limit

Automatically limit output current, avoid tripping overcurrent frequently
DC Brake

Brake frequency: 0.01~Fmax, brake time: 0~30S

Brake current: 0%~100% rated current

Signal Input Source

Communication, analog voltage, analog current, preset speed, high speed

pulse, etc.

Input /



Reference Power 10V/20mA
Terminal Control  Power 24V/200mA
Digital Input  Terminals

11 digital input terminals:

7 standard (X1~X7) and 4 extensions (X8~X11);

X7 can be applied as high speed pulse input terminal (F02.06=35/38/40)

X1~X6 and X8~X11 can only be applied as ordinary input terminal

Analog Input


4 analog inputs: 3 standard (AI1~AI3) and 1 extension (AI4)

1 voltage input (AI1) 0~10V

 2 voltage input (AI2/AI3) 0~10V or current inputs 0~20mA 
 optional: 1 voltage input (AI4)-10V~10V

Digital Output


3 OC mult-function outputs:2 standard (Y1/Y2) and 1 extension (Y3)

2 relay mult-function outputs: R1: EA/EB/EC and R2:RA/RB/RC

Maximum output current of OC: 50mA

 Relay contact capacity: 250VAC/3A or 30VDC/1A, EA-EC and RA-RC  N/O,  EB-EC and RB/RC N/C
Analog Output  Terminals 2 analog mult-function output terminals:
 M10~10VM2:0~10V or 0~20mA



LED Human interactions with displays and control actuators

Parameter Copy

 Upload and download parameter information of the inverter, copy  parameters  rapidly
Protections Protections  Short circuit, overcurrent, overvoltage,, overload, phase loss, undervoltage,  overheating, over speed external faults, etc.



Installation Site  Indoor, with altitude less than 1,000 meters, free from dust and corrosive  gas,  and direct sunlight
Ambient  Temperature

 -10℃~+50℃. Derated from ambient +40℃~+50℃,

    20%~90%RH (no condensation)

Vibration <0.5g
Storage  Temperature -20~+65℃
Installation Method Wall mounting, floor mounting, flush mounting
Protection Grade IP20/IP21 (450kW and above)
Cooling Method Forced air cooling
Safety Standard IEC61800-5-1:2007
EMC Standard IEC61800-3:2004


4.Model Numbering Scheme

5.Model Number List


The difference between inverter and motor shall not be more than two power ratings. Please try to select a motor that matches with inverter in rated current.

Forced air cooling


EM500 overall and Installation Dimensions


EM500  can be categorized into 31specifications for 4 overall dimensions and 12 installation dimensions. Keyboard can be installed onto an iron panel separately with a hole size of 114.5±0.1(L)*71±0.1 (W) mm and the iron panel thickness of 1.2 - 2.0mm.

Overall Installation Dimensions of EM500

Packing details about EM500



Optional Accessories

Items Specifications Describe Picture
IO extension card EC-IO-A1 4 Numeric Multi-function Inputs
1 Analog Voltage Signal Input(Support -10V - +10V voltage input or
PT100/PT1000 temperature sensor)
Numeric Signal Output
IO extension card EC-IO-A3

1 temperature input

:Support PT100, KTY84-130/150 and

PTC130/150 temperature sensor

1 relay output (NO):Y3:EA3-EC3, maximum output current

of OC is 50mA; relay contactor capacity:

250VAC/3A or 30VDC/1A

Power Supply:+15V-GND, max. output current is 100mA

Communication card-Profibus-DP


Communication card EC-CM-P1 is defined as PROFIBUS-DP slave

communication card and used to connect EM500 inverter to PROFIBUS-DP network.

Communication card-CANOpen EC-CM-C1 Communication card EC-CM-P1 is defined as CANopen slave communication card and used to connect EM500 inverter to CANopen network.

Communication card-DeviceNet

EC-CM-D1 Communication card EC-CM-D1 is defined as DeviceNet slave communication card and used to connect EM500 inverter to DeviceNet network.
Air compressor optional card EC-IO-K2 Optional card for air compressor
Clock card EC-TM-A1 Optional card for the application of water supply under constant pressure
Phase sequence detection card EC-PSPP-A1 Optional card for PSMS special application



BR100 Dynamic Braking Unit  For AC inverters 45-315kW

Model and specifications


Model No. Minimum Resistance (Ω) Average Brake Current Iav(A) eak Brake Current Imax(A) For inverters(kW)
BR100-045 10 45 75 18.5~45
BR100-160 6 75 150 55~160
BR100-315 3 120 300 185~315


1. BR100-045 is applicable to 3-phase 220Vac / 380Vac inverter.

For 3-phase 220Vac inverter, the braking voltage is 395Vdc or 420Vdc.

For 3-phase 380Vac inverter, the braking voltage is 675Vdc or 720Vdc.

2. BR100-160/BR100-315 is applicable to 3-phase 380Vac inverter only



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